Monthly Archives: March 2004

Can’t get enough of this blogging, let me tell you. We’re enabling everyone to easily talk to themselves in public. It’s just like the crazy guy screaming on the street corner. Thankfully, some of the screamers are actually interesting and I read their sites, like Gizmodo.

Random context switch: If you haven’t tried this on a multimon XP system, do so immediately:

If you haven’t seen The Fog of War, you should. It’s absolutely captivating. Robert McNamara is sharp, and the decisions that he’s made have shaped our world.

Let me paraphrase one of his comments: “If the United States is advocating a plan, and many other countries with similarly aligned goals don’t agree, the U.S. should figure out why it’s so different.”

I’m finally an RSS convert. Reading news in SharpReader is pretty cool; I can quickly scan through almost all of my favorite news/blog sources and double click only on the articles that are interesting. For a while, I satisfied my news craving by using Firefox; it could quickly load all the favorites in a directory, which meant I could load my news in parallel. Now, I no longer need Firefox.

Besides, Firefox didn’t work for some Web pages & I was always wary of making serious transactions in it. And it didn’t render MHTML, which is what I use to write specs.

Couple things I’d like in SharpReader (someone tell me if another RSS reader has these features; I haven’t investigated at all):

* Put the summary in-line with the title, a la Outlook autopreview. That keeps me from having to read the title, then read the summary at the bottom, then lose my place trying to find the next title.

* Autoproxy support like IE. When I connect to my VPN, SharpReader fails to update news. “Copying IE proxy settings” doesn’t help because IE autodetects the settings.

* An easier way to add new blogs. 2 subfeatures: 1) I should be able to click on the XML icon in the Web page & add the feed. 2) SharpReader should point me to an RSS directory and suggest new feeds that might be interesting. Hell, you could go all Tivo and autodownload new RSS feeds for me.