Monthly Archives: April 2005

random thought of the day: it’d be nice if i could export my netflix queue & automatically match it up with tivo’s upcoming movies list. That way, I could get some movies early.

Random thoughts on Tivo:

* When you want to play a recorded program, TiVo will always momentarily show you the description of the show. But for some programs, that description will give away the show & ruin it. I wish you could hit Play from the program list & jump right to the program w/o seeing the description. After all, you can still see the description if you hit enter on the program in the list. Currently, I solve this by hitting Enter twice from the list quickly so it doesn’t have time to render the description.
* It’d be nice if the TV & TiVo were more tightly integrated. e.g. one time, we turned on the TV and TiVo was recording The Amazing Race. Unfortunately, it was near the end & we accidentally saw the end first. Of course, TiVo doesn’t know that we just turned on the TV, hence the need for better integration…
* With some reality shows like The Amazing Race, the regular program is 1 hour long but the all-important finale is 2 hours. So, you’re recording the program all season w/o a problem, but because of a conflict between the finale’s 2nd hour and another program, TiVo doesn’t record the final episode. I wish there was an easy warning for this.
* While reordering the Season Pass list, it’d be nice to see a different color for programs that actually conflict w/ the item you’re moving. That’s what you’re really interested in: which programs will not record if I move program X? Not do I prefer X over Y when they don’t conflict.