A coworker of mine, Kyle, called a meeting to review a document that he was working on. Before the meeting began, he immediately apologized & told us about his horrible relationship with the network printer. All of his page 1s were stapled together, then all of the page 2s were stapled together, and so on. He had to remove a page from each stapled stack & hand-collate. While we laughed at him, he wondered out loud about what sick person would program the printer to provide such an option. Soon, the job was done & we began the meeting.

5 minutes later, another guy showed up. Kyle had vowed never to hand-collate again, so he just tossed the multiple stacks at Tim and told him to take one page from each stack. Tim had the funniest, bewildered look on his face as Kyle said, “don’t ask.”

Hmm, a textual description of the event doesn’t seem very funny, but trust me it was worth a few laughs. You know us office types.


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