Did you see the finale of the Apprentice? My wife and I wonder how much longer it’ll last; she speculates Apprentice 5.

Anyway, it’s ironic that Street Smarts Tanna (sp?) lost because she was disrespectful to her employees, which shows a lack of um… street smarts?


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  1. Kaya

    I speculate that particular Apprentice wasn’t as engaging as it could have been because the quality of candidates was poor, causing a degeneration into typical reality show dynamics, which is boring and, well, typical. Interestingly, Trump comments in the first episode that both the “Street Smarts” team and the “Book Smarts” team had the same average IQs, leading me to suspect that standards were lowered to achieve this goal.Clearly Trump wasn’t pleased with the crop; I expect that the Apprentice 4 will contain a much higher quality set.


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