SIFF picks

Two SIFF movies that I recommend:


This won the American Documentary Audience award at Sundance this year.

Description: Quad rugby, aka “murderball,” is played by quadriplegics in customized wheelchairs that resemble something out of MAD MAX. Its a full-contact sport, played with manic intensity by super-competitive jocks. MURDERBALL looks on-court and off at the indomitable spirit of true athletes.

Layer Cake

From the producer of Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

Description: After a shady pharmaceutical transaction goes violently awry, a levelheaded con artist discovers that leaving the thug life is a tad more difficult than anticipated. Matthew Vaughn (Guy Ritchie’s longtime producer) taps down the flash in favor of a burnished professionalism that harkens back to the glory, gory days of British crime films.


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