NOT prosperity, death death

A coworker of mine just got her corporate cell phone account. She took one look at the phone number and freaked out. Turns out, its xxx-5844.

Perhaps you werent listening. xxx5844! Can you imagine?

Oh, shoot, guess I should explain, since I didnt get it either. In China, certain numbers are lucky while others are not. 5 turns out to be the NOT operator, 8 is prosperity, and 4 is death. So her number means NOT prosperity, death death. As if one death wasnt enough.

Anyway, she traded her SIM with her officemate J.


3 thoughts on “NOT prosperity, death death

  1. Dan

    Because of their big focus on marketing to Asian gamblers, the new Wynn Las Vegas doesn’t have floors that start with the number 4 for just that reason


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