Monthly Archives: January 2006

Making the world a better place

It’s not hard to make the world a better place. Case in point:
I’ve been wanting this little feature for a while… it’s a browser extension that lets you copy a snippet from a Web page & quickly SMS it to your phone. This is useful when you look up a restaurant or whatever and you want to “jot down” the address/phone-number before you leave the house. I currently do this by emailing it to myself, since I have always-up-to-date email, but this is more convenient, and it works for everyone w/ a cell phone.
Next step is to integrate this more directly (e.g. a link by the contact info, right in the Web page). And to integrate driving directions…



Anyone watching 24 this season? This is the first time that Ive really watched it, and I must say: the first episodes storytelling was great. Very movie-esque. That said:

  • Can someone say Die Hard 4: Die Harderest?
  • What is up with the terrorists airport plan?
    • Lets say the Presidents did not sign the anti-terrorism treaty. Then what?
      • Release the hostages? Then what? You wake up the next morning and damn! the Presidents signed the treaty.
      • Kill all the hostages? Nope, then the treaty gets signed immediately afterwards.
      • Hold the hostages indefinitely? Leaving this storyline for the rest of the season: The terrorists go home w/ the hostages to live out a quiet white-picket-fence life in the suburbs, until the treaty gets signed then BLAMO!
    • In short, it seems like they would have just blown up the airport, in an effort to show that terrorism cannot be stopped by a treaty.
    • Bonus criticism: Why would terrorists hold hostages to stop the signing of an anti-terrorism treaty? Oh no, theyre signing a document that says that theyre going after terrorists we cant have that!