Anyone watching 24 this season? This is the first time that Ive really watched it, and I must say: the first episodes storytelling was great. Very movie-esque. That said:

  • Can someone say Die Hard 4: Die Harderest?
  • What is up with the terrorists airport plan?
    • Lets say the Presidents did not sign the anti-terrorism treaty. Then what?
      • Release the hostages? Then what? You wake up the next morning and damn! the Presidents signed the treaty.
      • Kill all the hostages? Nope, then the treaty gets signed immediately afterwards.
      • Hold the hostages indefinitely? Leaving this storyline for the rest of the season: The terrorists go home w/ the hostages to live out a quiet white-picket-fence life in the suburbs, until the treaty gets signed then BLAMO!
    • In short, it seems like they would have just blown up the airport, in an effort to show that terrorism cannot be stopped by a treaty.
    • Bonus criticism: Why would terrorists hold hostages to stop the signing of an anti-terrorism treaty? Oh no, theyre signing a document that says that theyre going after terrorists we cant have that!

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