Monthly Archives: September 2006

Switching from Blogger to another blog service

The switching cost is far too high today to move from one service to another (e.g. moving this blog from Blogger to Windows Live Spaces, or moving my Flickr pictures to Hello). Most of the time, there’s simply no automated way to do it. Anyway, this is an open plea to the software development community!

Outsource your google/y!/msn search work

I was too lazy to search the Internet to find info about the upcoming Arcade Fire album, so I outsourced it to people with lots of free time. You know, the wikipedia-editor types 🙂


An unrelated idea: build wikis to compare Candidate X vs. Candidate Y. I like to do the research anyway (e.g. what is Darcy’s stand on fixing traffic vs. Dave, but not from, and it would save others time.

Apple’s 800 lb gorilla effect
Short summary: Walmart sells 40% of all DVDs. They pay $17 for new dvds, while Jobs (the largest disney shareholder) got Disney to charge only $14 to Apple for video downloads. So Walmart is pissed off and wants lower DVD prices, which may mean lower prices for DVDs everywhere.

And Jobs was originally trying to sell all movies for $9.99 (nice & simple like the $.99 song), which means an even lower wholesale price in the future. Good for mr. jobs.

Looks like the studios are starting to fear Apple as the 800 lb gorilla, though. Apple being the middleman by which all future media flows — who needs cable when you’ve got itv & itunes & can just watch that whole 24 season instead of waiting every week? ‘less Microsoft can Zune them.

Riddle: baby corn

Name a 2-word phrase where you like the first word, and you like the second word, but you don’t like the phrase.

e.g. baby corn, if you like babies and corn, but don’t like baby corn…

Hmm, it’s not really a riddle since I can’t know what the answer is for you. What do you call that? That’s the riddle.

I don’t know why I keep giving away such great ideas, but…

  1. Register the domain above; amazingly enough, it’s still available!
  2. Collect the most dreary desktop wallpaper in the world & post it there. Allow your users to submit their dreary wallpaper.
  3. Realize that there are lots of crazy people out there, so limit the wallpaper to dreary but not violent or offensive.
  4. [step omitted]
  5. PROFIT!