Switching from Blogger to another blog service

The switching cost is far too high today to move from one service to another (e.g. moving this blog from Blogger to Windows Live Spaces, or moving my Flickr pictures to Hello). Most of the time, there’s simply no automated way to do it. Anyway, this is an open plea to the software development community!


7 thoughts on “Switching from Blogger to another blog service

  1. Ken

    Not that there aren’t technical issues, but the damn difficult part is the “business models” underlying most of these sites (in quotes because I can’t help but think of the underpants gnomes). There’s clearly value in anything that increases your stickiness to them; the question is, how/when/will we eventually get to a point where the perceived/actual value of supporting open data becomes a factor? Check out the flickr vs zooomr flamefest awhile back.

  2. Ray

    I look at it a different way. If I run Blogger, it’s in my interest to support *importing* from other blogs.That’s separate from supporting open standards. But without open standards, my request involves reverse engineering & lots of crappy work.

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