Fake Estate Investment Trust

Here’s my latest half-baked idea (which I’m sure others are already doing): investing in real estate inside Second Life. Second Life is an incredibly popular virtual world – US $500,000 is spent every day inside the world.

Anyway, the hot neighborhoods are scarce, so the time to invest is now.

Course, I don’t know where to invest, so I posted this question:


One thought on “Fake Estate Investment Trust

  1. Tony Beeman

    The Real Estate tax in Second Life is a bitch, given that the monthly cost of your account directly correlates to your land-ownership.I did about as well as can be done: I signed up for an account with the minimum land, bought some land in a fairly new zone, while some group-business bought a lot of the other land. It happened I was on their corner, and it also happened I didn’t log on that often.I logged on one day, and they had bought most the other land in the zone, and wanted mine. I ended up selling the land to one of their competitors for 20x what I bought it for.After the exchange rate, I would still lose money if I cashed it in (which was fine, since I was perfectly willing to pay the three months just to play around with the land features).


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