Monthly Archives: November 2006

The computer mouse finally fulfills its destiny

Here’s an idea for a cool new novelty gift: A computer mouse that behaves like a real mouse. It has sensors like Aibo, so when it sees cheese, it tries to eat it, and when it sees a cat, it runs away. And the rest of the time it sits around & lets you control your screen cursor. Perhaps the 2 eyes could be the mouse buttons, and the nose could be the wheel.


Seafood May Be Gone by 2048, Study Says

“According to the study, the loss of ocean biodiversity is accelerating, and 29 percent of the seafood species humans consume have already crashed. If the long-term trend continues, in 30 years there will be little or no seafood available for sustainable harvest.”

Better rush to the store & eat as much lobster as you can before it’s gone!!! Oh no, but all that binge eating means seafood will run out even earlier, so you better eat more! 🙂