Monthly Archives: January 2009

Free Karaoke for your PC – with almost any song you want

My wife & I have been wanting to set up a karaoke machine for home. I looked into Karaoke Revolution, but the problem is the lack of songs that we like.

So, this morning, I put together a makeshift solution which works pretty well.
On, you can search for lyrics to tons of songs. Plus, when you’re viewing the lyrics, it plays the song from YouTube automatically. Throw in a microphone & amplification (which I did through a PC, turning on the microphone “monitor”), and there you go. Instant, free karaoke.
Of course, it’s “karaoke” in quotes because it’s not really karaoke. It’s the original song so you can obviously hear the original singer. But that’s ok with me. It’s a small price to pay to be able to sing along with almost any song you like.