Now with AdSense ads – for more ad-iness

I’ve been ignoring this blog for a while, but I finally decided to refresh the template today. I noticed that Blogger has finally added simple AdSense support – just click “add ads,” create an account, and bam, instant ads! Cool –

Now I just sit back & cash the checks.

Where did Ray go?

I post all my thoughts on Facebook & Twitter now. I wish I could post longer form content to Twitter, because I tend to use it like a traditional blog. Far more people read my posts on Facebook & Twitter vs. this random blog site…

Free Karaoke for your PC – with almost any song you want

My wife & I have been wanting to set up a karaoke machine for home. I looked into Karaoke Revolution, but the problem is the lack of songs that we like.

So, this morning, I put together a makeshift solution which works pretty well.
On, you can search for lyrics to tons of songs. Plus, when you’re viewing the lyrics, it plays the song from YouTube automatically. Throw in a microphone & amplification (which I did through a PC, turning on the microphone “monitor”), and there you go. Instant, free karaoke.
Of course, it’s “karaoke” in quotes because it’s not really karaoke. It’s the original song so you can obviously hear the original singer. But that’s ok with me. It’s a small price to pay to be able to sing along with almost any song you like.

New Macbook trackpad loves to accidentally zoom on your behalf

Just got the new aluminum Macbook. First off, it’s a great laptop – the screen, backlight, battery life, keyboard, design – it’s the best laptop around. But in my first week of use, I started to notice a weird bug in Safari – text on some Web pages would be rendered smaller than normal. Now, I’ve never seen this on my work Macbook, or Safari on Windows, so that made me suspicious. Turns out that I was accidentally using the Macbook’s pinch gesture while browsing, which zoomed the text size down – I guess the zoom happened before I even saw the rendered page, so I didn’t notice the zoom.

The interesting part (for my loyal readers) is why: In Mr. Jobs’s neverending quest to remove buttons, the new trackpad is the button – that is, there is no separate button to click – you simply click anywhere on the trackpad. Problem is, the way the trackpad is designed, it requires more force to click at the top of the trackpad than the bottom – enough force that it’s still a bit of a pain to click near the top. And you never know when your mousing will lead your finger to the top, so you never know when you have to push extra hard to click. So instead, I’ve gone back to the classic trackpad posture, using my right hand to move the mouse, and resting my left thumb on the bottom of the trackpad for clicking. But guess what – the trackpad detects that as a pinch when I’m moving my right finger, which causes the accidental zoom.
Perhaps if Apple could redesign the trackpad to make the top just as easy to click – I might change over to 1 finger mousing rather than my classic 2 finger mousing. But I’m not 100% sure about that yet – after all, it’s tricky to drag & drop things with 1 finger – you have to push down, drag, and hope that you reach the target before you reach the end of the trackpad. As opposed to the old design where you could lift your finger and move it back to drag further, while keeping your other hand on the button.
That is all. Great laptop, but for now I want to disable the pinch zoom – I mean, seriously, how often are you zooming things on your laptop anyway?

One step closer to Agent-led driving directions

I love this idea – I’ve always wanted to implement the “virtual yellow brick road” – you get in your car, set a destination, and you just follow a virtual yellow line on the road. Heck, you could even have Clippy projected into space & waving to you & telling you to go right at the next turn.

The computer mouse finally fulfills its destiny

Here’s an idea for a cool new novelty gift: A computer mouse that behaves like a real mouse. It has sensors like Aibo, so when it sees cheese, it tries to eat it, and when it sees a cat, it runs away. And the rest of the time it sits around & lets you control your screen cursor. Perhaps the 2 eyes could be the mouse buttons, and the nose could be the wheel.