Monthly Archives: October 2006

Fake Estate Investment Trust

Here’s my latest half-baked idea (which I’m sure others are already doing): investing in real estate inside Second Life. Second Life is an incredibly popular virtual world – US $500,000 is spent every day inside the world.

Anyway, the hot neighborhoods are scarce, so the time to invest is now.

Course, I don’t know where to invest, so I posted this question:

"Quick Serve" restaurants

Recently, I’ve encounted a new name for fast food restaurants: “Quick Serve.” Like this:

As in, “don’t blame the food for being fast (hence not fresh); focus on the upside — quick service!” Long-time reader Ken will appreciate this.

I also noticed that Dairy Queen is now DQ, but that’s presumably so they can push their “tasty” dinners, expanding beyond their dairy royalty.

Topper Gun Dim Sum

The owners of Top Gun have outdone themselves with a clean version of itself: O’Asian.

Top Gun was the best dim sum in Seattle, but now you get the same great dim sum, plus:

  • Clean plates!
  • No roaches crawling around – like my wife saw in the original Seattle Top Gun which has now closed down.
  • New carts.
  • Fancy silverware & such.
  • Fine surroundings.
  • Younger staff
  • It’s no longer hard to park because they have free validated parking in the garage. The old Top Gun was always too crowded all the time.